Digital presence to make money from business during Covid-19

The COVID-19 outbreak is a sharp reminder that pandemics, like other rarely occurring catastrophes, have happened in the past and will continue to happen in the future. Even if we cannot prevent dangerous viruses from emerging, we should prepare to dampen their effects on society & Business.  The crisis is fundamentally changing how and what consumers buy and is accelerating immense structural changes in the Marketing fundamentals.

Once the immediate threat of the virus has passed, Business will need to consider the impact of these changes on the way we design, communicate, build and run the Product experiences that articulate through the

With these emerging new behaviors, marketing business  have an opportunity to accelerate the pivot to digital Presence, by expanding existing offerings and creating new lines of service. This acceleration will force business to re imagine their digital marketing strategies to capture new marketplace opportunities and digital Marketing segments.

But before moving to the marketing strategy for online business, lets first understand the consumer behavior during the Covid- 19


Covid- 19


Consumer behavior during the Covid- 19


Around the globe, societies are in lockdown, and citizens are asked to respect social distance and stay at home. The consequence of the lockdowns is the extreme increase in the usage of Internet and social media. Social media become the most common mode of contacting or socializing with others. In most of the cases, the Internet is at present also the main way to get essential supplies of product like grocery, medicine and receive essential services, like seeing a doctor. In or other way The. Internet & the Covid-19 has change consumers buying behavior.

With this change in behavior pattern has actually many business has shown the drastic changes in their operation.  While some businesses are struggling but some of the businesses are thriving & this is true for a number of Internet-based businesses, such as those related to online entertainment, food delivery, online shopping, online education, and solutions for remote work.


“ Change is the only constant”  & the above example has proven that giving your business a digital platform has now become the mandatory requirement to do the business.


Online Presence

In this digital Shift in the business world we all are experiencing it become essential for your business to have an online presence as that’s where the audience is. It does not matter which industry you operate in; your business is bound to have an online presence whether you’re consciously doing something about it or not. However, in today’s times it is best that you do. Simple steps like tracking and monitoring the activities will help you improve your online presence which will positively impact how customers

What is the meaning of Digital presence of business?


People often mistake just a ‘website’ and ‘social media profiles’ to be online presence, so it is important to understand that it’s much more than that and is distributed across multiple channels and platforms on the internet

Digital presence encompasses all marketing strategy activities that a business has under their name on the internet. This includes accounts, assets, interactions, and any pieces of information created by or about the business. With the current trend of having a cool social media profile, startups often get caught up in chasing “cool” marketing and SEO strategies and take their online presence for granted by just creating a Facebook account. It’s imperative to understand that your owned online presence is s everything you have control over.

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Online business



3 Effective way to create Digital Presence for your business marketing


1. Own Website

All businesses, no matter how small, should have a website. It can be extremely basic, but it should contain the fundamental information customers – both existing and potential – need. For example, one frustration I encounter far too often is restaurants that don’t have a website with a current menu, opening hours, location and contact information. I know I’m not alone in that if I can’t find these details, I’m less likely to visit the restaurant – but there’s no reason a business should lose potential customers over something that’s so easy to remedy and costs very little.

Online Business Presence

If you’re not sure where to start, there’s a great guide to WordPress for small businesses on Social Media today. It’s easy to understand and runs through the factors you need to consider and the steps you need to take when setting up your small business website.

If you’re starting from scratch and not sure what your website should include, survey your existing customers. Whether you send out an email asking for their input or mention it casually while making their coffee, it’s the best way to get the insight you need – people love to be involved and share their opinion.


2. Search engine optimization (SEO) for digital Presence

It’s not just creating your website helps to create your online presence. As the very important next step in the process is generating traffic in your website to that more people start to visit your website, know more about your product & Services, & generate revenue by selling theses product & Services

Once you have a website, it’s vital that it can actually be found by search engines. After all, 89% of consumers use search engines to research a product. To take advantage of this, you need to make sure to look at search engine optimization (SEO) for your website.

Digital business


The Beginner’s Guide to SEO by Moz and Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide both give a fantastic overview of the basics and will help you optimize your website.

3.Social Media Marketing Strategy


A social media presence is essential for any digital Presence of  business for multiple reasons. As a business owner, be set on the idea that social media is not needed to better your business because you believe that traditional marketing techniques will do the job. But social media marketing has help to build your Brand awareness, increases traffic to your website, increase Brand loyalty of consumer, & create impact on your customer service.

Social Media marketing

On effect of all this a high percentage, as high as 90%, of marketers claim that social media has huge effect on their brand. Hence social media marketing has become a substantial portion of every marketing strategy.

The positive effects of social media marketing are so great that you will miss out on a phenomenal marketing opportunity if you fail to implement it.















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